BMW X3 Police Chase and Hit and Run’s

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Derby Dashcam: BMW X3 Police Chase and Hit & Run's Footage

Latest footage includes 2x Hit and Run’s and a Police chase involving a BMW X3. I have included links to the Derbyshire Police YouTube account, if you could give them a subscribe if its something that you maybe interested in. The first video is a hit and run incident that took place on the streets of Derby, luckily someone was with him to assist him. The second is a police chase of a stolen BMW X3, three people ended up getting arrested. The actual capture isn’t shown on this video. The last part of the video is another hit and run incident. This time by an Audi A3 in Normanton. The driver did get caught in the end. The person who did get hit received life changing injuries. As always please comment to discuss these videos, I apologise for the quality of them, it is down to the resolution that I have been sent them in to edit. The footage has been edited by myself so that it is clearer than the originals and it is all done free of charge by myself to help promote the Derbyshire Police YouTube accounts and Twitter accounts, links are within the videos.
Upload Date: 13/03/2019
No of Views: 39097
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