100 mph Police Chase in Derbyshire

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Derby Dashcam: 100mph Police Chase

On the 21st January 2019, Derbyshire Police engaged in a pursuit of a stolen Audi with Christopher Khalfan at the wheel. The Police chase reached speeds of up to 100mph on the streets and highways of Derbyshire, ending on Delves Road in Heanor with the help of 2x HGV’s. Christopher Khalfan was jalied for 15 months and banned from driving for 2 years and 7 months. The judge rewarded the HGV drivers for their assistance. Derbyshire Police have received a large amount of criticism for their pursuit and speeds reached, however, they have also received a lot of praise. Police officers have to undertake a 9 week training program, which includes 3 weeks of standard driving, 4 weeks of advanced driving, 1 week of initial pursuit and 1 week of tactical pursuit. On top of this, officer also have to undertake refresher training and driver assessment. I myself, personally agree with the pursuit. Just because a Police officer stops the chase, doesn’t mean someone will not get hurt. What is your opinion of this, I would love to discuss this in the comments below.
Upload Date: 06/03/2019
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